Emergency Exit

100.00 CHF

After an hour of flying aboard a merchandise plane, an alarm rings out, you’re losing altitude… Oxygen masks drop from the ceiling, the screams and the alarm mix in your ears and, as you grasp onto your seat for dear life, the the aircraft begins a rapid descent. Then, a sudden crash…

Your head aches as you struggle to get back up. Outside the small windows of the plane you see an immensity of blue stretching out infinitely.

The forced landing has left you alive but the plane is slowly and viciously pulled down tot the depths of the ocean. The door doesn’t open as the aircraft continues its descent into the abyss. Time is running out, you must try to put the emergency system back online and exit this metallic coffin with your partners…

2-6 Personnes

60 minutes + 15 minutes de briefing

Available in French, German and English.

Difficulty : 2/5


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