Mission Secrète à Saint-Petersbourg

100.00 CHF

The Tomachevsky theater troupe begins its final performance in the largest theater in St. Petersburg. The theater is sold out. In the midst of the cold war, your informant in Saint Petersburg made an appointment on site during the performance to give you information of the highest importance. Your target for months, the rich Russian oligarch Aleksandrov, is in the public with classified secret-defense documents in his possession. He must hand them over to the director of the theater, a former KGB leader. Your team of secret agents will have to infiltrate the backstage of this magical place and recover these top confidential documents in all discretion !!

Be careful, the representation lasts only 60 minutes and you must be out of the theater before the end under penalty of being unmasked.

Secret Mission

60 minutes + 15 minutes of briefing

Difficulty:  4/5