Bank Robbery

100.00 CHF

The Vault bank in Fribourg is receiving a shipment of gold to be distributed in its subsidiaires tomorrow morning across the country. Fifty million francs in gold bars: more than any man could spend in a lifetime of mindless follies. Thanks to your ingenuity and the negligence of the employees, you find yourself in front of the main desk. There’s nothing between you and the big break now…

Except maybe the armed door of the safe. You feel the mass of the hardened steel beneath your shaking fingers: hydraulic locks, sometimes even armoured multiple times, lock systems sensitive to the slightest hint of a break-in! Don’t panic, time is of the essence, but you’ve trained for this with your friends. Will this vault prevent from pulling off the heist of the century?  No matter now, there’s no escape: either you get out with as much gold as you can carry, or with handcuffs around your wrists.

2-6 people

Money theft with loot to reach

60 minutes + 15 minutes of briefing

Difficulty:  2/5

Ideal for families

Available in French, German and English.


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